Faith By Luis, founded by Luis Bahena in 2018, is a ready-to-wear brand
with a minimalist style of streetwear and function.
In Depth:
I founded Faith By Luis in hope of spreading faith with whatever it is you might have faith in and a movement of positivity. There is too much negativity placed in front of us constantly and it leaves me broken-hearted to witness people let one concern in their day ruin it all. We should give ourselves any kind of faith, hope, and purpose. Remember to live life to the fullest, focus on the positive, and
have faith!
I have combined my faith with my passion to create this brand and show you
my perspective.
- Luis Bahena

I chose a well known font, Times New Roman, and added a scribble that signifies the different perspectives everyone has with faith. I believe everyone has faith, whether it may be religious or simply having faith in those you trust, we all have it. Although experiencing it in different ways, faith is within us.